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You have reached the design focused section of my website. Through the graphic design process I offer a variety of different ways to create a more vibrant, fresh and professional look for your business. Below are the four targeted graphic services I provide.

Logo Design

When it comes to creating or re-designing a logo for a company it is important to look at what your business does and what it wants to portray to its clients. The way a logo looks and what colours it uses has a big impact on the initial view a client has.

As a company logo is often the first thing seen by clients, it is important to have a professional looking logo that represents your business. This can make the difference between losing or gaining the interest of a new client!


A key step in promoting your business identity is professional branding. Branding covers many facets of a business, from creating functional well-presented email signatures, to promotional material, such as stationery products and signage. Each of these areas of branding can require different design requirements, such as specific sizing, layout, functionality and presentation.

Page Layouts

This involves the arrangement of text and images in booklets, leaflets, and brochures, and is an art form in itself. I can draw people’s attention to important information, keep a page from looking too cluttered and present content with uniformity and an appealing structure. These are just some of the aspects that I keep in mind when designing page layouts.

Graphic Design

Working with images, text, and vector art I am able to create a broad range of products to promote your business. These products can range from business cards, posters, and flyers to large promotional banners. I can create these products to be eye catching, functional, informative or whatever suits your needs. When creating graphics for businesses, having extensive knowledge of how products are printed, manufactured, and developed is essential. This comes with extensive experience in the design industry and up to date training in the fundamentals of modern art and design.


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